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    Text Mining in R

    with tm, qdap, wordcloud and SnowballC
    By Granger Moch 7 years agoNo Comments
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    Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.47.52 PMA few days ago, I stumbled upon an awesome learning platform at One of the tutorials offered on the site is in regard to mining text in R using the tm and Snowball packages. Out of curiosity, and a desire for more hands on experience in R, I thought I would try out the tutorial in R Studio for myself. I also decided to mine my own text– an analysis of Amazon’s performance through the lens of strategic management. The analysis consists of several short essays which touch on a different aspect of strategic management at Amazon. Not only does the analysis reveal insights about Amazon, it also allows me to learn more about my writing style– from my sentence structure to the adjectives I tend to use most.

    To view the original tutorial in it’s entirety (my tutorial is a bit more condensed), and to mine the text files from the original tutorial, see here.

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