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    Dashboards in Tableau

    By Granger Moch 7 years agoNo Comments
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    tableauAs part of my recent data visualization internship with the Department of Labor and Industries in the State of Washington, I worked with the R programming language to create sleek, interactive graphs using the rCharts package. However, Tableau played a key role in the internship’s success and I wanted to give their software a try using the same data.

    If you haven’t already heard of Tableau, you will in the near future. Their goal is simple– to make data understandable to all people. Beyond that, Tableau seeks to ease the process of loading, scrubbing, filtering, and visualizing data. Tableau’s Data Interpreter is surprisingly helpful when it comes to molding your dataset for visualization.  I created two dashboards–one dashboard relates to worker’s compensation rates and the other is concerned with worker injury data.

    I found Tableau’s user interface extremely easy to use.  If you don’t have any programming experience, it offers a very solid means of creating visualizations in a very user friendly manner.  Give Tableau Desktop a shot with a free trial for a simplified experience of data manipulation and visualization.

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